Dwaine Rieves

“Something else must have mattered in this world, some undone task or rethought decision, something noble in the making, for her soul clearly wanted to stay. But it couldn’t. It simply couldn’t.”



Shirtless Men Drink Free

Set amidst 2004’s polarizing election fears—immigrants and job take-overs, terrorists in waiting, homosexuals and outsider agendas—Shirtless Men Drink Free makes vivid the human soul’s struggle in a world bedeviled by desire and the fears that leave us all asking—Why? 



This is brilliant and rare work, as attentive to an absorbing plot as it is to a poetic, chiseled cadence.
— Paul Lisicky, author of The Narrow Door: A Memoir of Friendship
These characters are all too real. Rieves, as Faulkner, McMurtry and Larry Brown, writes people and story that will worm, burrow into you. Change you even.
— Adam Van Winkle, Founder and Editor, Cowboy Jamboree
Rieves tells a terrific story with the sensitivity of a poet. This is as haunting and wise a novel as any you will read this year.
— Margaret Meyers, author of Swimming In The Congo
Engaging, beautifully written and resplendent with realism.
— The Local Voice (Read the full article)

Dwaine Rieves was born and raised in Monroe County, Mississippi. Following a career as a research pharmaceutical scientist and critical care physician, he competed an MA in writing from Johns Hopkins University. His poetry has won the Tupelo Press Prize for Poetry and the River Styx International Poetry Prize. His writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Virginia Quarterly Review, The Georgia Review and other publications.